Sunday Mornings at Living Hope Church!
This page is to give an idea of what happens on a typical Sunday morning at our church.
Coming to the church

If you need directions to the church click the "address" button below! When you come to the church on the corner of North 8th St. and Central Ave., you will find a gravel parking lot off of 8th St. to park. Then the front door has wide brown steps with a wider than normal brown door. A greeter will welcome you into the building. As soon as you walk in, there will be stairs up and stairs down. The stairs up lead to the sanctuary (the main area of the building) where the service is held. The stairs down lead to the kids area, the youth (teens) room, offices, and the kitchen. Come on up the stairs and enter the sanctuary where, before the service, people will be talking and beginning to fill the chairs.

There are cards you can fill out if you want so we can connect with you! Ask the person who greeted you at the door where to find them!

Dress Code

We dress quite casual for our worship service. Although, many people dress business casual. On special occasions, such as Easter and Christmas, people dress more formally. Other than that, come as you are!

Worship service

The service starts at 10:00am and usually goes for about an hour. Honestly though, it’s more like 11:05 before it is done! The service starts with someone saying, “Good morning!” After that, we sing some songs led by our worship band. We sing “contemporary” songs during our service although there is a hymn or two thrown in there! The words will be on the two tv screens in the front of the church if you want to join in on singing. After a couple of songs, someone else will talk about some events happening at our church. Then a couple more songs are sung as we move into a time of prayer that is led by Pastor Rich. After prayer, the kids are dismissed for Children’s Church (see below) and the pastor moves into the sermon time. The service tries really hard to be done at 11:00am, but it is usually a few minutes past by the time the service ends.

Ages 0-3

On Sunday mornings during the service, we have a nursery for ages 0-3. Nursery-age children can be dropped off anytime during the service or before the service, starting about 10 minutes before the service starts. Take them to room “4” downstairs where the nursery workers will check them in. The nursery is an area where the kids can come and play! There are two adult volunteers that work to create a safe environment for the kids to play during the service. After the service is over, come down to room “4” to pick up the kids.

Children’s Church
Age 4 through 6th Grade

On Sunday mornings after the songs, the kids can be dismissed from the service and have an age appropriate lesson. They will leave the sanctuary with the adult leaders to go downstairs for children’s church. They are in room “1” downstairs. The kids are taught a lesson from the Bible and have some time for play and/or a craft. After the service, you are welcome to come down to pick up the kids, but most of the time the adult leaders bring the children back upstairs to their parents.

Family Worship Sundays on the last Sunday of every month
The Whole Family

Every month on the last Sunday we have a special service! The whole family stays together in the sanctuary to participate in the service. During this service, there are times for the kids to learn a lesson from the Bible and certain songs for the kids to participate in. We also have more ideas for these services in the works!